Our facilities are fully equipped to deal with all aspects of restoration from a basic re spray to projects requiring a full strip down and rebuild to as new condition. Working very closely with all our customers to ensure their exact requirements are met. Locating correct replacement parts for your vehicle can at times not be possible due to age and the original manufacturer having long since stopped production, therefore we are able to reverse engineer almost any part required, panels can be made by hand to exact specification, pistons forged and all engine parts machined. Chrome work restoration, Soda blasting, Powder coating, Interior Trimming etc.

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Here at Investment Quality Cars have built up a wide network of contacts who specialise in tracking down rare cars, so whether your preference is to purchase an already restored classic, or you are looking for a new restoration project for yourself, call now to discuss your requirements.


Offering a range of classic cars for sale at all stages of restoration, create your perfect classic restoration project or buy a fully restored example.


Keeping your classic car performing at its very best. IQ Cars technicians will be happy to advise on service schedules for each area of your classic car including engine and drive train, suspension and importantly and often overlooked the bodywork.


2015 sees the continuation of price rises in virtually all of the classic car sectors and with more investors each month moving into this popular mode of investment I see no end in sight to the growing popularity of classic car ownership. There are numerous reasons for this happening, for example we are restoring cars for collectors adding to their collection, for enthusiasts looking to own and experience ownership of various Marques during their life time, for financial investors or for customers looking to rebuild a classic car to their own specification and then to pass it down to their children. What else tops a classic car left in a will? Especially one that was loved cherished and used by your ancestors.... that can be used loved and photographed all over again as part of the family for successive generations, a link to the past and a family day out in the future. Therefore in 2015 I don't see any real let up in the market as a whole, the growing popularity of classic events held by Good Wood, Silverstone etc, themed around cars and racing involving the whole family enjoying a day out means your Classic motor car sat in the garage is now more involved and loved than ever before not just that old car in the garage. This and the strong investment aspect all points to a very positive future for classic car ownership, get involved now and enjoy.